Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Strength training

It is so cold and cloudy outside. Mysore being Mysore I wouldn't be surprised if it drizzled now. I skipped the jog today. Instead , I switched to strength training.

Here, is a document where you can refer for different exercises for women. I believe that this is all the strength training one needs in  a home setting with a pair of dumbbells.

Good  Day! :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Good Morning!

First of all thank you so much for the lovely comments. :)

And here is a lovely picture to cheer up the morning!

Map my run!

I am just trying to convince how good these apps can be. Why have a smart phone if we cannot exploit it's benefits? This is today's jog. It gives the pace at each point, an average pace over a split and so on. This helps us to understand our how and when we slow down and we can improvise on it.

3.7Kms in 32 mins.

My target till next Tuesday (27th Dec) is 4.2Kms in 32 mins. Yes, I am trying to increase the distance.

Good day :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jogging essentials

Everybody will tell you about the appropriate clothing and running shoes. Hear me out I have something else to say-

Good Music
Good Music 
Good Music

Good music keeps you occupied and you don't worry about the feet till you get back home to realize you will have to crawl to your bed. Create a playlist.

The regular stuff:

Prepare yourself- Get everything that is needed. Don't buy the normal tracks, spend some and get a reebok/ adidas with an inner lining- it is an investment. It will prevent the tracks from clinging to your body as you sweat and keep you less cautious about looking odd. Buy a nice pair of running shoes. You don't want to damage those knees. Some bright coloured t-shirts so that nobody runs over you by mistake. :P

Find a spot- Yes. Find one area where you can run uninterruptedly. Chose a low traffic area or a jogger's park or something preferably with a mud ground. Gym is fine but I personally find nothing motivating about running in the same spot looking at a mirror or a wall. Get out- feel the air, breath the morning.See the sun shine and jog to glory! :)

Measure- All the smart phones we carry around, turn on the GPS get a Map my run or similar app. This will record the distance, avg. speed, show a graph of speed variations, highest speed. Yeah! It is awesome. At the end of a week do the basic trend analysis and you get to know your body better.

Get a jacket/sweatshirt- You need it. Just when you finish the jog wrap yourself in the jacket/sweatshirt. Keep your body warm. Why is this needed. Google it lot of material on it.

Have faith- The most important of all- have faith. Everything is difficult in the beginning. Enjoy it. Relish the initial pain. See the brighter side of it- it can only turn gold in the long run.

I have finished a week of jogging. Did it do good? I don't care. It is fun. It feels good. :D

P.S: I am just an individual who is sick of all the advice on fitness. I am doing it my way. The way I would like it to be. Feel free to join the club if you believe this works for you!

The Humble Beginning...

I am a merry pumpkin. You see that is the whole problem. I am too happy. And people around me are so damn sweet they keep telling how roundish and cutish I look with those chubby cheeks. Now, since I am turning 25 very soon I realize. No, this not the way I expected me to be at 25.  So, this blog marks my journey toward a healthier and better self. Yes, thats my birthday gift to me. A good lifestyle and a healthy body. 

Now, I don't want to set out crazy targets. I am not going to do that. And, my weight fluctuates about +/- 2 Kgs everyday so weight related goals will get me no where. So my targets are going to be more fitness oriented, food related and energy level specific. In fact to make sure I don't fall into the weight trap I have promised myself not to check my weight till I am satisfied with the fitness level. Weight is a beneficial side effect. It is not the goal.

The  Grand Plan- TadA

I have taken up jogging. Right now I run about 3.6Kms. Including the walk in between jogs. But, I want to get to the point where I run 10Kms without break. So, that's a target. Next year if there is Marathon anywhere in the country, I would want to enroll myself in it with confidence. Ahoy! 

I have actually felt the difference already. I am more active throughout the day and jogging helps maintain a cheery mood.

I have always been fascinated by strength training, because whatever you do, if you have a bigger frame, the only possibility for you to look lean is to pick up those weights. I have a pair of 2Kgs dumbbells a file with strength building exercises for women. Ahoy again!

A boon came in the form as a an opportunity for coaching. Nah.. I am not too great a player. I am just good. I play well. But, I know areas where I can still improve. So, I am actually coaching a batch of enthusiastic young women from my office during the weekends. Meanwhile it gives me a chance to get back to the game and improvise on what I know. So, I spend a good 2-3hrs on the court. I plan to continue the routine even after coaching. I plan to find a nice wooden court and enroll myself in a club.

It is the orange season again!! Yay! So time to power boost my breakfast. I love the winters and there are so many options for fruits. I am going to keep my fridge stocked and eat only fruits for breakfast. It not only provides you a rich supplement of vitamins and minerals but also improves metabolism.  I am also adding more vegetables and only home cooked food to my meals. 

That's it. Nothing else. 

All fine but why blog? Good question, I am blogging about this because I want to keep this going. I plan to share any interesting snippets some jogging stories or food recipe disasters.. or something. It is just to add an excitement element to this ordeal.